Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting

Saanvics is run by Industry Consultants. With experience in helping clients across multiple industries, we understand the challenges faced in keeping business applications updated, and relevant, and constantly optimizing processes to improve business efficiency.

Saanvics Industry Consultants can accelerate your business success by evaluating the best suitable solutions from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and tailored to suit your specific Industry needs. We can work together to build your Digital Transformation strategy using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Implementation Approach - Our roadmap to success involves the following


Plan ahead - Ensure you have clearly defined the destination (project scope), and have all the right tools (resources, governance, and methodology) and checklists (project monitoring) before starting the journey.


Know the road - Define the solution blueprint to set clear expectations on the start date and end date of milestones and can meaningfully monitor progress and the team to understand what is expected from them.


Avoid pitfalls - Use the methodology's recommended proven best practices to reduce risks, costs, and scope creep.


Get there faster – Takes the advantage of strategies that helps you to save time and money. To make sure you are travelling the fastest path to your destination, make a plan, take action, and periodically review and make adjustments.


No surprise - Deliver a user-centric solution to users, and delight business stakeholders by delivering outcomes on schedule and budget.

Implementation Methodology - Hybrid Model

A methodology is a prescriptive definition of activities to be undertaken for a given project or engagement. The hybrid model describes the use of a collection of methods to achieve predictable results. The methodology is the core of project execution that allows the team to take the right path towards:


Improved consistency and predictable outcomes.


Setting clear definitions of project phases, milestones, deliverables, and entry and exit criteria for each phase.


Setting clear definitions of duties and responsibilities required for the project.


Reducing the risks of missing critical activities essential for a successful outcome.

In the current landscape of rapidly changing business needs and changing technology trends, we adopt a Hybrid approach. A hybrid model is a combination of Waterfall and Agile practices that implementation teams are using to meet the project deadlines. It allows teams to tailor an approach that enables the successful implementation of Dynamics 365 applications. This is the approach we take when putting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications into practice.

Deployment Strategy – Phased Rollout

A deployment and rollout strategy describes how the company is going to deploy the application to its end-users. The strategy chosen is based on business objectives, risk propensity, budget, resources, and time availability, and its complexity varies depending on each implementation’s unique scenarios.

In a phased rollout approach, we are releasing the software in many phases or releases. The phases can be planned in several ways and can be based on modules, business priorities, business units, or geographies. One approach for a phased rollout can be to release an initial set of capabilities in the first phase and build on that by releasing the rest of the requirements in subsequent phases.

Product Training – UAT

We follow the Train-the-Trainer Program which will train the Key Users (End Users or Super Users) who would be capable enough to train and guide the rest of the internal team of our customers. User training at all levels is an integral part of ERP Implementation and Microsoft Implementation Methodology. The Client Project Manager will ensure that the same is executed properly with help of us.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support

We are providing the ultimate level of support to our customers and helping to fully realize the benefits of Microsoft Solutions. Support is often not about just addressing an error message, but about understanding the business problem and recommending the best approach to solving it, with a strong pool of technical and functional people with extensive domain expertise and Dynamics 365 technical experience.

Service Line Agreement (SLA) - Support Plan

Customers can purchase a Subscription based support plan after the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Post-Go-Live).

Help-Desk Support

The Help Desk is available, and support will be delivered by Telephone, Email and Remote support. All calls & emails received are logged and a call log number is given, which links to the call prioritization service. Our customers can send an email to a designated support email ID or make a phone call seeking support to a designated phone support number, to seek resolution to complex or immediate issues.

Support Hours

The Support is available on Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 5:00 pm excluding Public Holidays. Arrangements for support outside of normal business hours are provided on an “as needed” basis.

Call us on +974 3012 7830 or send us an email at [email protected]


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