Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM -Finance and Supply Chain

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D365 Finance and Operations -Maximize the financial visibility and profitability

Optimize your financial operations and enhance decision-making to help protect revenue, mitigate risks, and reduce costs with Saanvics D365 Finance and Operations product.

Increase Financial visibility and profitability and build resilience with an agile Supply Chain to enhance visibility, maximize asset uptime, improve planning agility, and operate profitably during disruptions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Partner

Drive your Project Success and Profitability with a single solution and improve organizational agility, optimize HR programs, and transform employee experiences using Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations product

  • Enhance your financial decision making
  • Unify and automate your business processes
  • Have the strategic impact and reduce costs
  • Decrease global financial complexity and risk
  • Optimize your financial operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Build resilience with an active supply chain to enhance visibility, increase asset uptime, increase planning agility, and manage profitably during disruptions. D365 Supply Chain management delivers Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers with the real-time visibility and intelligence of data that helps you to move from reactive to proactive operations. It unifies data and uses predictive insights from AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) - across order fulfilment, planning, procurement, production, inventory, warehousing, and transportation - to maximize operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability.

Mitigate supply chain issues and create an intelligent and resilient supply chain. Build an adaptable supply chain that automatically responds to challenges using real-time visibility, agile planning and business continuity.

  • Hasten time to market with centralized product information management, and safeguard accuracy with engineering change management.
  • Foresee demand using AI and make inventory decisions with prioritised supply planning in near-real time, without stockouts and overstocking.
  • Streamline procurement processes and enhance cost management with vendor collaboration portals and vendor catalogues.
  • Develop agile manufacturing processes using the Internet of Things (IoT) and mixed reality while working with your prevailing manufacturing execution systems.
  • Implement proactive equipment maintenance to reduce downtime and enhance inventory accuracy with an automated cycle to retain operational excellence.
  • Expedite delivery time by optimizing inventory, automating warehousing functions, and increasing throughput.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

The Intelligent Order Management system integrates Distributed Order Management (DOM) to enable fulfilment and includes major application areas such as order capture, a rule-based validation engine, intelligent order orchestration, and integration.

Customers may control the orchestration of orders from placement to fulfilment with Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management. Organizations can organize order flows across several platforms and apps with these features. Organizations can understand the fulfilment status of orders with intelligent order management, which offers a single view of an order.

Utilize AI to automate and optimize fulfilment, real-time inventory to proactively deal with interruptions by rearranging order patterns, and prebuilt connectors to grow quickly. To improve order flows and handle exceptions well, use rule-based fulfilment orchestration along with real-time inventory and AI. Utilize customizable connected dashboards to gain real-time insights into each order, from intake to delivery.

  • Automate and optimize fulfilment
  • Manage the entire order lifecycle
  • Adapt faster to changing business models
  • Get up and running quickly
  • Enhance your customers' experience

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Drive your project implementation, success and profitability with Microsoft D365 which helps you win more contracts, optimize resource utilization, and fast-track project delivery.

Connect your project-centric business in one application and Drive project success and profitability with Project Operations. Get the real-time visibility, agility and collaboration to drive success across the project-centric business from Prospects to Payments to Profits.

  • Win more deals/tenders with better contract management and more accurate project quotes, forecasting, estimation and project scope.
  • Submit, approve, and reconcile time and expense entries on the go for faster settlement and client billing.
  • Flexible to manage projects with easy-to-use embedded Microsoft Project capabilities (Kanban boards and Gantt charts).
  • Manage and track your project accounting more accurately and recognize revenue in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Ensure that you have the right people for the projects through resourcing insights, project scheduling, governance and skills matching.
  • Quickly adapt to market demands using actionable insights from a consolidated view of your project information and financial data.
  • Lead a profitable project-centric business - Empower your teams to win more tenders/contracts, optimize maximum resource utilization, accelerate fast project delivery, and get business insights from sales to project financials.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Go beyond conventional Human Capital Management to improve organizational agility, enhance HR programs, discover workforce insights and transform employee experiences. Create a workplace where people and businesses thrive.

The way we work has fundamentally altered, along with the workplace. Centralize people’s data, automate processes, and enable self-service using Human Resources. Empower employees to get the information they need on their own through easy-to-use self-service HR tools and Microsoft Teams.

  • Transform employee experiences
  • Optimize HR programs
  • Increase organizational agility
  • Discover workforce insights
  • Data-driven, people-centric HR

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